17 July 2008

adoptables!!!! yay!!!

these and many more monkeys are featured on etsy.com where many talented artist are breeding wonderful monkeys! i don't know any of the breeders or anything about the line, i know that the monkeys i feature on this site are cute, and seem to have good dispostions and happy families...

above: brown & white super monkey by mostlymonkeys.

above: purple passion by dixiexking.

above: leon by cuddlet.

above: stripey girl sock monkey by gimikimi. (love the user name!)

above: red heel sock monkey by dolllady237.

side note: these photos were taken buy the etsy store owners, not me. these monkeys are all cute and seem to be of high quality and good spirits - i do not own any of these or any from these breeders (other than iamsunshine, which i love her monkeys.) please, when adopting a sock monkey remember the commitment and love involved in a pet and adopt responsibly. let me know how it goes and if you adopt one of these, or any other, monkeys send me pictures and links and i will be glad to post them on banana hill.

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