13 December 2010

Day 1 of KK exchange!

And new life was brought to Banana Hill! Meet Hash Brown! He is a delightful little monkey just FULL of sock monkey Christmas spirit!

23 November 2010

meet pickle

Pickle is my newest sock monkey. He is a farm monkey rescue given to me for my birthday! Love him!

27 November 2009

a & b get new names and a whole new life!

above: today started with the old girls bringing in the twins to be prepped and go into surgery. they have named them ~ olli & lolli. olli is only so slightly the larger twin. burgeon and sweety are doing a great job taking care of them and they really are well adjusted. both mothers sat with the children while the family waited for surgery to begin.
above: the operation table, prepped and ready to go. i used felt and embroidery floss for the eye surgery.
above: birth picture of the twins, from their adoption file. the button tumors are highly visible and you can clearly see the ears lack canals.above: the new eyes are placed where they should go so that during surgery i have a clear idea how things should go.
above: both twins were put to sleep and their eye tumors removed. after replacing lolli's eyes i bound them so that they could heal and she would be comfortable.
above: both olli and lolli are through with eye surgery and doing fine. they rest as i prepare to move on to ear surgery,
above: sweety and burgeon sleep in the waiting room. i told them to go home but they would not have it.
above: olli has had her ears removed and i am moving on to lolli.
above: the surgery table with new tools. in the foreground i am in the end process of removing lolli's ear.
above: the only complication of the day - olli had a small whole at the site of her left ear removal.
above: new ears and eyes unveiled, the twins are doing so well we decide to go ahead and remove the nostrils and re-string the mouth so that the girls are all ready to go and don't have to o back under at a later date.
above & below: the girls all ready to roll - new eyes, mouth, ears and names! from left to right - olli (blue eyes), lolli ( lavender eyes), burgeon & sweety! yay!

25 November 2009

conjoined twins

above: while there have been several additions to the sock monkey family here at banana hill none are as eye catching as the siamese twins, a & b. a & b are very healthy despite their situation and they are fully functioning together. after several test it was decided that a & b would not be separated because of the many risk that would involve. however, now that they are healthy and have found their forever home we are going forward with several other surgeries to correct minor health issues and bring them a longer, more enjoyable life. those surgeries, which will be documented here on banana hill's blog, include a complete replacement of both twins ears, you will notice that they are deaf - with out any working ear canal; i will also be correction their vision in several steps that start with the removal of the pink button tumors that currently leave the babies with minimal vision and causes them a bit of motor problems.

28 July 2008

welcome katarina la pearl!

if you have read this blog for any amount of time you know that while i love sock monkeys i do not love the mass production-breeding of sock monkeys for gifts. unless you know that the person you are giving the monkey to both wants a life-long commitment and can give the proper care to a monkey. you probably know that i came to own several farm monkeys through various donors. we just recently were informed that big mac had met a monkey he grew very fond of and he expressed the desire to have her move to banana hill. katarina la pearl joined us this weekend. katarina is my only monkey who is clothing trained at this point, she also seems to come from a breeder who works with farm monkey as she has been customised to have a thick head of dark black hair. katarina la pearl is very friendly and a wonderful monkey. she and big plan to be married very soon and (i am so excited to say this) they want to start adding to the la pearl-mac family as soon as possible! yay!

above: katarina la pearl
above: kat and big - they are so happy!


omg! tonight! tonight i am uploading some LOVELY news! kisses!

17 July 2008

adoptables!!!! yay!!!

these and many more monkeys are featured on etsy.com where many talented artist are breeding wonderful monkeys! i don't know any of the breeders or anything about the line, i know that the monkeys i feature on this site are cute, and seem to have good dispostions and happy families...

above: brown & white super monkey by mostlymonkeys.

above: purple passion by dixiexking.

above: leon by cuddlet.

above: stripey girl sock monkey by gimikimi. (love the user name!)

above: red heel sock monkey by dolllady237.

side note: these photos were taken buy the etsy store owners, not me. these monkeys are all cute and seem to be of high quality and good spirits - i do not own any of these or any from these breeders (other than iamsunshine, which i love her monkeys.) please, when adopting a sock monkey remember the commitment and love involved in a pet and adopt responsibly. let me know how it goes and if you adopt one of these, or any other, monkeys send me pictures and links and i will be glad to post them on banana hill.

wow! how long has it been?

i am so sorry my monkey loving friends! this year has been full of insanity and recently we moved so blogging has been the least of the worries. (i mean can you imagine the task of moving 5+ monkeys and keeping things in order???) well, i'm back and i should have a new friend to intro at the beginning of next week, and confetti will be having some recuperative surgery - so stay tuned! oh, and before i forget i will have some VERY affordable adoptables coming up later today! yay!

25 March 2008

welcom baby ????? (update) - baby's name is agatha [or agi for short]

our newest bundle of sheer joy has arrived today, and she doesn't have a name! there are two i am throwing back and forth - igga or azure. i love azure, but it seems so obvious and lately i have been dying to name something - ANYTHING - igga. she could be either and i am so overwhelmed by the idea of making a choice!

above: baby curled up instantly in the sock monkey slippers i keep at work. she's so sweet and playful!

14 March 2008

a new baby for banana hill!

i have blogged about puncezilla on banana hill once before and i have been waiting and waiting for a monkey from her that i could not stop myself from loving! well, i found the monkey i have been waiting for today. a tiny baby monkey, blue and silver and much too beautiful! payment is made and the beautiful monkey should be here within the week! yay!

above: small blue and silver puncezilla monkey who will be our newest addition!