28 July 2008

welcome katarina la pearl!

if you have read this blog for any amount of time you know that while i love sock monkeys i do not love the mass production-breeding of sock monkeys for gifts. unless you know that the person you are giving the monkey to both wants a life-long commitment and can give the proper care to a monkey. you probably know that i came to own several farm monkeys through various donors. we just recently were informed that big mac had met a monkey he grew very fond of and he expressed the desire to have her move to banana hill. katarina la pearl joined us this weekend. katarina is my only monkey who is clothing trained at this point, she also seems to come from a breeder who works with farm monkey as she has been customised to have a thick head of dark black hair. katarina la pearl is very friendly and a wonderful monkey. she and big plan to be married very soon and (i am so excited to say this) they want to start adding to the la pearl-mac family as soon as possible! yay!

above: katarina la pearl
above: kat and big - they are so happy!

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