25 November 2009

conjoined twins

above: while there have been several additions to the sock monkey family here at banana hill none are as eye catching as the siamese twins, a & b. a & b are very healthy despite their situation and they are fully functioning together. after several test it was decided that a & b would not be separated because of the many risk that would involve. however, now that they are healthy and have found their forever home we are going forward with several other surgeries to correct minor health issues and bring them a longer, more enjoyable life. those surgeries, which will be documented here on banana hill's blog, include a complete replacement of both twins ears, you will notice that they are deaf - with out any working ear canal; i will also be correction their vision in several steps that start with the removal of the pink button tumors that currently leave the babies with minimal vision and causes them a bit of motor problems.

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