27 November 2009

a & b get new names and a whole new life!

above: today started with the old girls bringing in the twins to be prepped and go into surgery. they have named them ~ olli & lolli. olli is only so slightly the larger twin. burgeon and sweety are doing a great job taking care of them and they really are well adjusted. both mothers sat with the children while the family waited for surgery to begin.
above: the operation table, prepped and ready to go. i used felt and embroidery floss for the eye surgery.
above: birth picture of the twins, from their adoption file. the button tumors are highly visible and you can clearly see the ears lack canals.above: the new eyes are placed where they should go so that during surgery i have a clear idea how things should go.
above: both twins were put to sleep and their eye tumors removed. after replacing lolli's eyes i bound them so that they could heal and she would be comfortable.
above: both olli and lolli are through with eye surgery and doing fine. they rest as i prepare to move on to ear surgery,
above: sweety and burgeon sleep in the waiting room. i told them to go home but they would not have it.
above: olli has had her ears removed and i am moving on to lolli.
above: the surgery table with new tools. in the foreground i am in the end process of removing lolli's ear.
above: the only complication of the day - olli had a small whole at the site of her left ear removal.
above: new ears and eyes unveiled, the twins are doing so well we decide to go ahead and remove the nostrils and re-string the mouth so that the girls are all ready to go and don't have to o back under at a later date.
above & below: the girls all ready to roll - new eyes, mouth, ears and names! from left to right - olli (blue eyes), lolli ( lavender eyes), burgeon & sweety! yay!

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